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BikeDr is excited to announce it's inaugural gravel ride we've dubbed DeathAdder100. DeathAdder serves two purposes. One: DeathAdder100 gives you all the opportunity to ride 100km, 60km or 30km, of sweet sweet grav, drink delicious beer and have a bit of banter along the way. Two: Some of you may know BikeDr supports Dismantle, specifically providing its profits to assist with Dismantle's BikeRescue program. BikeRescue engages and empowers at-risk young people through bicycles and mentoring with the aim to put them on a positive and rewarding path, a path they they might not make themselves. DeathAdder100 will benefit these young people by providing dollars raised for for more BikeRescue programs and an opportunity to build volunteering experience and work readiness skills as they become part of the team on the day. 

From all of the team at BikeDr, Dismantle and the young people who benefit from BikeRescue, thank you! It's awesome to ride some gravel with you and support our young people in doing so.


We're passionate about bikes and the people who ride them. Our goal is to provide the most convenient and professional bike servicing in Perth. BikeDr started out as a mobile business designed specifically to service cycle commuters working in the CBD. Our Bullitt cargo bikes carry all the tools and parts required to carry out servicing and repairs, wherever you may be.

You can also visit us at our new headquarters in Subiaco. This is where the magic happens! Situated on the bike path on Roberts Road, we're ideally located for commuters making their way in and out of the city. Leave your bike with us, grab a loaner bike, and be on your way. Convenient, right?

There's one more thing, BikeDr is a social enterprise.  We were born from a Dismantle initiative. The profits from BikeDr feed back into another Dismantle initiative, BikeRescue. The BikeRescue program engages at-risk youth and helps them reconnect to wider society, education and employment opportunities. To find out more about the BikeRescue program, go to www.dismantle.org.au/bikerescue.

Bike Rescue

BikeRescue is a dynamic youth development program that uses hands-on skill-building to engage and mentor young people in need of support. BikeRescue builds knowledge, social skills, confidence and teamwork through various mechanical and mentoring activities.

During BikeRescue, participants fully strip and rebuild two bikes each. The first is donated to charity, which earns them the second one to customise and keep for themselves.

During each session, BikeRescue mentors work alongside participants while exploring their mental health, hobbies, passions, and vocational aspirations. We help them to identify their barriers, figure out how to tackle their challenges, and provide support so they can reach their potential.

BikeRescue has a massive positive impact on both its participants and those around them. The feedback from recent BikeRescue programs tell the real story:

I learned how to confront my fears about new social situations and talking to new people
— BikeRescue Participant
Our son really loved BikeRescue.
I haven’t heard him speak so much or share such details of what he had learned.
He really engaged.
— BikeRescue Parent
Jack is so thrilled with his bike and the whole experience of the Dismantle program.
He is much more positive and enthusiastic; hopeful. He has even prepared a resume and applied for jobs!
— BikeRescue Parent
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